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"They won't remember what you said, they may not remember what you did. But they'll always remember how you made them feel."

Hey there, curious you.

You’re looking for the right photographer or videographer for your special project.

Someone who’ll work their magic to put you at ease and make you shine.

Can we let you in on a little secret, though? It’s not magic. It’s chemistry.

Our promise is to create that special spark, every time.

When a talented new superstar joins the Good Thanks Media team, they sign up to serve. We pick only the finest humans, and our main focus is on creating long lasting relationships with passionate clients.

Our team reflects our vision and works tirelessly to make sure your shoot runs seamlessly.


Here’s what we’ve got in common:

Being on time - The party can’t start without us.

Keeping in touch - Nobody likes to be kept in the dark.

Scrubbing up well - Showing up in style.


It's reading the room, it's waiting and watching, it's observing and calculating where to be next to get the shot.

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We're Good Thanks Media