Event Photography


Sydney Based Photographer

We think of Nick as our resident documentarian. A photojournalist by trade with a lengthy career covering music festivals, international tours and other VIP events, Nick is a master craftsman in commercial/lifestyle photography. He has a way of anticipating a shot before it happens — no doubt a result of countless hours spent people-watching and quietly observing events unfold.

Having photographed world leaders and some of the biggest names in the music biz, his pictures are always expertly composed, yet candid, and almost always contain some kind of human element or story.

Nick’s time away from photography is usually occupied by the classic cars or motorbikes he’s rebuilding, or by the great outdoors. Camping, climbing, hiking and a raft of other extreme sports keep him fit and full of tall tales. Added bonus: this boy scout is never unprepared. He’ll go the distance to get the shot (will willingly propel from a chopper into a jungle), and never leaves home without his Leatherman.