Kat "meow."

Director - Newcastle Photographer

Kat is our fearless founder and your chief cheerleader. Her love for photography runs deep, as does her love of people and her entrepreneurial spirit. Having studied fine arts as well as business, and worked under some of Australia’s most renowned photographers, Kat struck out on her own in 2010—and hasn’t looked back. Good Thanks Media is her way of amplifying her impact and elevating others.

Kat has earned an enviable reputation for making life-long connections. If she’s made a visual feast of your engagement or wedding, you’ll no doubt be calling her back time and again to bottle all of your life’s greatest celebrations or achievements.

When Kat’s not clutching a camera, you’ll find her either hanging with the boys, finding balance in tree pose, or voraciously hunting through the pages of a recipe book. BIG on food, fun and outdoor entertainment, Kat is always up for an afternoon with family and friends, serving up delicious nibbles and wood fired pizzas.