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Melbourne Photographer

No matter the assignment, whether it’s a corporate event, branding session or lifestyle shoot, Josh always brings home the goods. By getting in tune with the people or products he’s working with – getting to know and understand their unique features and quirks – he manages to capture just what’s needed, be it a moment in time or the essence of you or your brand.

Like many of us, Josh is a photographer who got bitten by the shutter-bug early. He got his first point and shoot camera for his 11th birthday, fell hard for photography, and has rarely been seen without a camera since.

Even when he’s not on the job, he’s on the job – hunting for the most rugged coastlines he can find and exploring all they have to offer a keen artist. He says he hit the jackpot finding a career in photography, we think we hit the jackpot finding him!


Q. Corriander, Yes or No?


Q. Which food best describes you?

A. Avocado, cause I like to Quac’ n roll

Q. Dogs or cats?

A. Dogs.

Q. Goldfish or watermelon?

A. Goldfish, especially when deep-fried 😉

Q. What is your social media secret shame? E.g. cat videos

A. Latte art ASMR. Very ashamed.