Daniel Sydney Photographer


Sydney Based Photographer

A supremely talented shooter with a deft hand and a quick wit, Daniel has the patience of a wildlife photographer and the passion of an artist. Although based in Balmain, Daniel isn’t afraid to venture far and wide. Seriously.

Since circa 2013, he and his trusty camera have chased the light and captured life’s most candid moments across the globe. He’s even made it to the furthest point from the centre of the earth – atop a 6,000 metre volcano in Ecuador. ‘Have camera will travel’ is his motto, obvs.

Back on Aussie soil, Daniel has built a reputation for careful planning and continuous learning; boundless energy and the kind of humour that instantly relaxes and reassures. He’s also amassed a consistently creative and comprehensive portfolio, which is jam-packed with people, places, products and spaces. Good to know: cats before dogs. Coriander after every other herb known to man.