Ben Forrest Good Thanks Media Photographer Videographer



Q. Who would you turn gay/straight for?

A. Ron Swanson From Parks & Rec.

Q. Coriander, Yes or No?

A. Take it easy, coriander never hurt anyone.

Q. If you weren’t a photographer, what would you be doing?

A. Hopefully a boat tour operator in the Mediterranean.

Q. Which food best describes you?

A. A cheese that gets better with age (and I’m pretty cheesy).

Q. What is your social media secret shame? E.g. cat videos

A. Watching old Phil Collins concerts on YouTube, when he had hair.

Q. Fun fact about yourself?

A. I like to dress up in a bear costume when I’m camping because it keeps me really warm. Which has meant that I’m only allowed to camp in my own backyard for fear of being shot by a confused hunter.