A man of many talents (and toys), Ben is our co-founder, as well as an intrepid Photographer and Videographer. Ben turned pro back in 2015, the year he married Kat — and we all watched Mick Fanning punch a shark.

Ben’s work is recognised for its colourful vibrancy and creativity. And Ben himself is renowned for his easy-going sense of humour and gratitude. He genuinely gets a kick out of the creative life, and the transformation he brings about in his clients – who may at first be a little camera shy.

What else does Ben revel in? The life he and his family have built on the beautiful shores of Lake Macquarie. Playing with his two boys, embarking on adventures with Kat and tinkering around the house. He wouldn’t have it any other way.

Q. Who would you turn gay/straight for?

A. Ron Swanson From Parks & Rec.

Q. What is your social media secret shame? E.g. cat videos

A. Watching old Phil Collins concerts on YouTube, when he had hair.

Q. Fun fact about yourself?

A. I like to dress up in a bear costume when I’m camping because it keeps me really warm. Which has meant that I’m only allowed to camp in my own backyard for fear of being shot by a confused hunter.