Capturing Corporate Incentive Trips: A Photographer’s Perspective

December 19, 2023

Corporate Incentive Trips: Finland & NZ

Join us on a visual voyage as we showcase two incredible corporate incentive trips we had the privilege of capturing this year and last.  We’ll explain how we capture not just moments, but the essence of unity, and celebration.

Bringing Corporate Milestones to Life

When companies decide to reward their hard-working teams with incentive trips, we come in to ensure that every significant moment is captured with care and creativity.

A Collaborative Approach

Understanding the unique narrative of your company and the purpose behind the incentive trip is crucial. Whether it’s a tropical retreat or an adventurous expedition, our team collaborates closely with you to align our photographic vision with your event’s objectives.


In our 2023 Finland trip, we captured the Northern Lights, serene landscapes of Lapland, and the vibrant streets of Helsinki. We spent many nights nestled in teepees by crackling fires, and our accommodation was a breathtaking glass-roofed igloo, offering stunning views of the sky above.

Out of respect to our client, we have chosen a selection of images (below) which show the trip but not so much the faces of their employees. 

Capturing the Essence of Corporate Incentive Trips

Once on location, we aim to blend into the background, capturing moments candidly. Our approach is unobtrusive yet attentive – we’re always on the lookout for those fleeting, unguarded moments that truly encapsulate the spirit of your team and the essence of their achievement.

Each photograph we take is a testament to the milestones your team has achieved and the memories they create together. These images are a powerful tool for celebrating success, building company culture, and inspiring future achievements.

Delivering Memories That Last a Lifetime

After the trip, we work tirelessly to deliver a collection of images that not only resonate with the attendees but also with the entire organisation. These photographs serve as a reminder of a well-deserved celebration and the value your company places on its most important asset – its people.

Your Story, Through Our Lens

At Good Thanks Media, we’re not just photographers; we’re storytellers, memory keepers, and creators of lasting impressions. If you’re planning an incentive trip for your team, let us capture the moments that matter, the smiles that speak volumes, and the spirit of celebration that defines your company’s journey.

If you’d like to find out more about what we can achieve for your corporate trips, give us a call.

New Zealand

New Zealand, with its epic landscapes and mountainous backdrops, was an experience that deepened our appreciation for the natural world. Here are some of the highlights.





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