Everything A Bride Needs to Know

May 12, 2020

Checklist 101

Alright here it is, every question we’ve ever been asked! All the bits and pieces you’re wondering and trying to plan, condensed into this handy little note for you to refer to in times of need. We hope that it helps you – or even gives you tips on things you hadn’t yet considered. Enjoy!

  1. Enjoy being engaged, it’s one of the best times you’ll ever experience in your life together.
  2. Go on your honeymoon immediately! You will never feel so loved up so keep the momentum flowing and go away somewhere and chill the F-out.
  3. Slow down and delegate everything you can. Try to do as little as possible on the day so you can take everything in. Make sure you pause to make mental notes throughout the entire day and evening. You’ll want to remember this day for the rest of your life.

See more from Sophie & James’ wedding (above).

How much time should I allow?

Prep photos girls (at least) 90 mins boys 60 mins

Ceremony 40 mins usually starts 15 mins after the start time

Congratulations hugs with guests 15-20 mins A special time to greet and talk with your guests

Group Photo & Family Photos 20 mins

Bridal party and couple photos 1 hour +

Mingling with guests pre reception 30 mins

Bridal party freshen up for reception 20 mins

Your guests usually enter 20 mins before the bridal party

Dance floor you only need around 30 mins to feel the vibe and then we can disappear to leave you to let go wild. The last shots of the dance floor are often not the prettiest!

If you leave enough time for prep photos the bridesmaids can get a robe shot, and ready shot (like below) as well as individual shots with each of your bridesmaids.

See more from Mr & Mrs Young’s wedding.

Beauty Tips

Get a dress you can dance in!

Invest in a good pair of seamless nude underwear.

If you’re considering teeth whitening but can’t afford the expensive dentist option, try White Glo.


Girls make sure you leave the nicest room in the house completely clean for you to put your dress on. If you can have your rings, perfume, shoes, dress and anything else that’s sentimental all in the same place we’ll usually shoot those things first.

Boys “as above” and don’t leave getting ready to the last minute!

The little ones

Remember to spend some time with the little ones. Your time with them is usually fairly short on the day but in years to come it will be one of those very special family things to look back on.


Start time – if you’re having a 3pm ceremony ask your guests to arrive at 2:45pm on the invitations. There are always some guests who run late and you don’t want to be waiting for them.

Hold each other – You’re about to get married, don’t feel awkward. Be you, feel alive!

First kiss – Kindly ask your celebrant to stand to the side for your first kiss. Make it spectacular!

Just married – relish the just married vibes and charge back down the aisle a married couple. Organise confetti, bubbles or flowers.

Group photo – If having a group photo the best timeline is, ceremony, 15mins of hugs and kisses then group photo.

Family photos – Assign someone in the family (or someone who knows everyone in the family) to round up the family photos. Give them a list (parents, siblings, grand parents, aunties/uncles etc).

Bridal photos

Organise champagne and nibbles to keep the good vibes rolling straight into the bridal party photos.

Check what time sunset is on your wedding day. Allow 15 mins for photos leading up to this. It’s often around the same time as entrees or speeches so you may need to let your reception venue know.

Is there a shot you really love or a location that’s extra special to you? Make sure you tell before the day so we can make sure we get it.

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