9 styles of Headshots

December 11, 2019

What style best suits your brand?

During your initial phone consultation, we will establish the best style of session to suit your brand. This is where the magic begins and soon you’ll be setting yourself apart from your competitors!

The most popular this year have been our ‘Lifestyle’ & ‘Studio Feels’ sessions. We have helped some great clients establish a style that they have implemented across their departments all over the world.

With this in place, you’re going to be in a better position to increase your presence online.


Would you like to convey professionalism while staying true to yourself? Our sessions can be arranged right in your office, using natural or studio lighting. This approach effectively highlights each individual’s personality, ensuring a cohesive aesthetic that perfectly aligns with your brand identity.


We are known for our natural, candid style that has become a popular way of capturing professionals who want to show their personality. This type of session is done in a lifestyle environment like a cafe or someone’s home with an emphasis on drawing out their character.


Attention, Boss Babes! Get ready to own your brand with confidence and style. This shoot is all about empowering you to dominate your industry and showcase your vision. Whether you’re a trailblazer in tech or a trendsetter in fashion, let us capture your strength and charisma in every shot. It’s your time to shine, and we’re here to make sure your brand stands out with power!


We are rapidly building a reputation for this signature style of portrait station.

We need around 4meters x 3 meters and can bring this entire set up to you. This includes a backdrop and studio lighting to ensure a flawless, high-quality outcome. We use a tether to a laptop so your team can select their favourite image on the day. This allows a seamless user experience where you will have your photos ready as quickly as 48 hours!

And the best thing is, we can even do this during a conference if that’s the only time your entire team can get together.

Shopify Portraits in London, New York, Sydney & Melbourne.



A stylised studio look and feel.


A soft and relaxed feel.


We can set up this studio lighting and background in your office or during your next conference.


For all creatives, we can tailor a style to suit your brand. Every brief is carefully reviewed to ensure we create something truly unique and wonderful.



Gone are the days of staged group photos. We’ve received a great response from our in’situ sessions of teams collaborating in the office, during a meeting or out on-the-job. This shows your customer an insight into your business with a visual representation of what you do and the fun you have at work!

5 Reasons Why You Should Have A Professional Headshot

  1. First Impressions Count – When it comes to your business profile & image you don’t want to risk being misinterpreted. As the world has become an online mechanism for doing business, your headshot is the first impression you are making to prospective clients to make that initial contact.
  2. People Associate Your Face with Your Business – That’s why it so important that you have a high-quality headshot that aligns with your brand. By having a headshot for your business, you can give your business a personal touch.
  3. To extend your Online Presence – By having a professional photograph on your social media accounts (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc), you allow people to connect an important name to a professional image.
  4. More than a picture – It is not just a picture; it is your professional image and brand.  A brand that shows attention to detail and that you are in command of your industry as a leading expert.
  5. Look the Part – If you want to be treated like a professional, you must look like a professional, it’s as simple as that. We recommend updating your headshot at least every 2 years. (I do mine every 6 months!)

More about our branding headshot packages at this link. Or contact us to make a booking.

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